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An Idea for Reviews...

Everything about Freeones Strippers
8 hours ago, 36 answers
I agree with orclover on one thing: The site that Spacephantom had running ( and which he discontinued when virtuagirl became istripper and which also appeas no longer to be active (server unavailable is the message I get), was invaluable to me when I switched from the 3K cards to building my collection of 1080 and 720 cards. You got an impression of each card that really helped my buying decision. And you can tell that Totem appreciated this attention to detail as a number of his reviews are pinned to the top of the comment site, as sometimes are more substantial comments by other users. Apart from Spacephantom, I always also appreciate the comments by users where you can tell some effort went into to get at some details or general sense of the show (such as Everthangever (might have misspelled his username here, sorry), or WyDude, for Deskbabes, among the most helpful for me).

To continue in some way such a service as Spacephantom offered by Totem itself might help costumers who are looking to build their collection based on certain criteria, or just a more detailed impression of the show before buying it, but I can't say whether it would outweigh a cost/benefit analysis by Totem. Also, where would you start? At the beginning of the 3K cards? Difficult to say.

Bottom line: See how this could be helpful to some costumers and increase their sales, but also how some others might not care, and less certain about its practicability.
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An Idea for Reviews...

Everything about Freeones Strippers
1 day ago, 36 answers
@orclover : I am not trying to "shoot down" your proposal. Detailed reviews or just more detailed descriptions of a performance would of course be beneficial. My point is merely that, in my estimation, it would be neither simple nor cheap to provide something along these lines.

@tresk : Ah, I think I see what has happened. You seem to have interpreted the "anal" tag as meaning "this show is analy orientated" when all it means is "there is some anal content". Totem have not deliberately misled you but you appear to have misunderstood what the tags indicate. As I understand it a tag, any tag, does not indicate that a card makes a major feature of anything, merely that it is present, for some unspecified duration and intensity, in the performance. For some tags, such as "cop" or "big boobs" there is little difference between the two possible interpretations (though I suppose that a show in which a police uniform was worn for a few seconds in a single clip would still be tagged with "cop") but for others, such as "anal", "stockings" and "bare feet" there can be a lot of difference. It would be better if the true meanings of the tags was clearer so that there were fewer misunderstandings.

Please, also note that tags like "anal" also serve as warnings to those who want to avoid whatever is being tagged I vaguely remember that was why this particular tag was added in the first place, but I could easily be mis-remembering.